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Welcome! You have found the best online source of scavenger hunt ideas and tools! Sit back and let the scout guide you to all the information you need to create a scavenger hunt for any occasion. Parties, contests, classrooms, fundraisers… whatever the setting, a scavenger hunt will add enjoyment and adventure.

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A successful scavenger hunt turns a boring function into an unforgettable hit. Even a simple traditional scavenger hunt list adds an ingredient of excitement to any gathering. More engaging variations like clue hunts and treasure hunts provide even greater entertainment. Setting up a scavenger hunt may seem complicated, but with the help of Scavenger Hunt Scout it can be a snap!

Scavenger hunts can be an enjoyable addition to a planned event or they can be the reason to get together in the first place. They are enjoyed by all ages… in fact, a well-engineered scavenger hunt will prove to be more fascinating for adults than for children, especially if it involves an element of competition and is not overly easy. Planning a scavenger hunt or clue hunt that is appropriate for the intended audience is the key to success. Children will quickly get frustrated if they can’t find items or figure out clues easily. Adults will get bored if there is not enough challenge and stimulation. Guiding you to the right balance and giving you lots of good ideas, themes, and helpful tools is what this site is all about.

Scavenger Hunt Scout will show you how to set up scavenger hunts for parties, for meetings, as teaching tools in the classroom (a fantastic way to get students involved in a lesson), and for contests or fundraisers. Your scavenger hunt can be as simple or elaborate as you want it to be. If you have never created your own scavenger hunt before and think it sounds too hard, explore this website to learn how easy and fun it can be.

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