Visual Scavenger Hunt Guide: Kitchen

1: Lots of kitchens have a bowl or basket for fruit, and it makes a good scavenger hunt target. Riddles that have fruit for an answer would work well.
2: This mini bulletin board is a versatile objective. You could pin anything there as a list item, or make the board itself the target. The next clue could be camouflaged between recipes and coupons and not be seen until someone knows to look there.
3: Refrigerator magnets are another good option. A riddle could be made up about the magnetic property itself, or about the particular shape of the magnet in question. Example: "I'll stick to a wall all day long, but only if it's metal. What am I?"
4: This hand towel would work as a list item. A perfect riddle for a towel is "What gets wetter and wetter the more it dries?"
5: A tablecloth makes for a good way to conceal a clue underneath. A hint could be something about furniture wearing clothes, or a vague reference to where food is eaten.
6: This decorative brass pot would be great for a more difficult list item. Objects that are challenging to get to do not always need tough clues, so the hint could be easy, like "Made to cook food but instead decorating the wall."
7: As mentioned before, drawers are always a reliable scavenger hunt hiding spot... especially rarely used drawers. If this is where a specific kitchen item is stored, make up a clue about it and then see who knows where it is kept.
8: This breadbox would be an excellent list item, particularly since it is a bit out of the way. A good riddle might be "What's bigger than a breadbox? This item is not, but it's not smaller than one either."
9: This is either a cookie jar or flour container, or just decorative. If it holds flour, you could make up a riddle about bees that can't spell being disappointed or if it's a cookie jar maybe a hint about not getting caught with your hand in it.
10: The microwave could be used several different ways as a scavenger hunt item. Something could simply be put inside, or certain numbers could be typed to show up on the display as part of a clue.
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